Traffic accidents involving big rigs cause serious and even fatal injuries.

You are driving on the freeway going at speed limit, when a truck to your left carrying heavy cargo changes lanes and the heavy cargo on the bed of the truck moves and slides off and onto the hood of your car, causing you to spin out of control and collide with the center divider.

There are multiple reasons why truck accidents occur, but the most common are, unsecured or poorly secured cargos; overloading the truck; over-speeding; sleepy or distracted drivers.

You and a few friends are driving on the freeway early in the morning going at speed limit, when suddenly and unexpectedly you are rear-ended by a truck going well over the speed limit. Your four door sedan and the human anatomy does not stand a chance with a collision with a truck. Serious injuries are inevitable. Give a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer at Tavakoli & Associates a call and let us handle your case. Knowledge is power.

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