Law Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the first consultation completely free?


A:  :  We understand that hiring an attorney to handle your case requires much thought and research. That is why our first consultation was, is and will always remain to be FREE of charge.

Q: How will I be kept informed of my case throughout the whole process?

A: Our Law Firm will provide you with an update on your case with each phone call or email.

Q: What will the legal services cost?

A: Our Law Firm handles cases on a contingency fee basis.

Q: After an automobile accident, should I contact and provide a statement to the insurance company of the at fault party?

A: Providing a statement to the adverse insurance company without your attorney being present is generally not a good idea and you should not do it. The best decision is to have your attorney present when providing a statement to any insurance company relating to any automobile accident case or negligence/fault case.

Q: Will the hospital give me my medical records?

A:  As the patient, you are entitled to your medical records and they must produce them to you. If the hospital or medical facility does not provide you with your records, do not be concerned, our Law Firm will obtain them for you.