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Payam Tavakoli is an attorney in Century City practicing civil ligation. As a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, American Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and State Bar of California litigation section, he has personally handled and litigated hundreds of cases in California courts (state and federal), including pre-trial settlements as well as jury trials and court trials. His firm consists of staff and associates dedicated to several departments such as Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Injury, Elder Abuse and Habitability. His personal interest, dedication and approach to each case and client makes him and his team the valuable asset you deserve to handle your case .



Car accident injuries can cause substantial physical damage. It is well known that trauma, whether from a motor-vehicle accident, a slip and fall/trip and fall incident can cause an onset of neck and back pain requiring medical treatmentAutomobile collisions with pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles or trucks cause …


Traffic accidents involving big rigs cause serious and even fatal injuries. You are driving on the freeway going at speed limit, when a truck to your left carrying heavy cargo changes lanes and the heavy cargo on the bed of the truck moves and slides off and onto the hood of your car, causing you to spin out of control and collide with the center divider.


You ride a motorcycle for all of the right reasons; great gas mileage, not to mention the exhilaration and the freedom you can only feel on a motorcycle. You know the risks though, so you ride defensively, assuming every car on the road is intent on running you over. However, every now and then bad drivers injure motorcyclists. Of course, nobody gets injured but …


You ride a bicycle for all of the right reasons, Los Angeles’s perfect weather, excellent form of exercise, recreational activity and an alternative means of transportation. An impatient driver wants to pass you while you are riding your bicycle from the left but does not have enough space. The impatient driver does not keep a proper distance between …


You are walking for all of the right reasons, Los Angeles’s perfect weather, excellent form of exercise by yourself or with a companion, an impatient driver wants to pass another vehicle and loses control and collides into. You are your routine afternoon walk, when the driver of a vehicle is distracted by an incoming text message, when she distracted …


Any premature death is a tragedy, in particular when it comes at the hands of a stranger demonstrating disregard and neglect it can feel even more painful.  And when the responsible party is unapologetic and tries to convince their insurance company to begin to challenge their liability/responsibility, it becomes downright offensive. Is the insurance company …


In the world today, there are dog owners and dog enthusiasts who breed and train dogs for sport and train them to be more aggressive than what the general public thinks of dogs, “a man’s best friend”. There are certain dog breeds that are in the news constantly for their vicious attacks on children, adults and other animals.


You have been a tenant at an apartment unit for a few years and your landlord will simply not make any repairs or correct the issues that the unit has. Your two year old child has bites from bed bugs. You and your child have developed allergies due to the cockroach infestation in your apartment.


You are driving your car on the freeway and paying attention to the road, when suddenly a car collides into your vehicle and immediately exits the freeway. All you are able to observe is the color of the other car, the gender of the driver and maybe a few digits of the license plate. What are you to do? Will the …


Elder-abuse cases generally begins with the children. There is suspicion, but the abuse is not always obvious. Clear indicators of abuse are broken bones, bed sores, infection and bruising.Your loved one is a resident at a nursing home facility, when one day while visiting, you notice that your loved one is running a very high …


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